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  • Lamour Des Pieds Women's Raynelle In Black Kid Suede/Rhinestones
Discover the beauty of comfort with the Raynelle from L'Amour Des Pieds. Have fun with your personal style in this tailored silhouette with modern flare suede leather and rhinestones lace up bootie. Find all day comfort with the adaptable memory foam arch support designed to expand and contract with the contours of your feet. Full sheep nappa lining added for breathability and comfort. 1 1/2 inch heel.

Lamour Des Pieds

The story of comfort.

L'Amour Des Pieds is translated as, 'The Love of Feet,' which is where our comfort story begins. We share a passion for not only feet but for the woman wearing them. We know as women you are always on the go and have a multitude of various responsibilities. Sometimes as the on-the-go woman you don't have time to think about what goes on your feet, but we know it is the only piece of clothing that can make or break your day This is why brand creator, Wayne Finkelstein, designed this line with superior comfort blended with innovative and fashion forward design in mind. His mission is to create a comfort experience that will keep your step from morning to night a walk of ease while staying on the forefront of trends. L'Amour Des Pieds is not just a shoe- it's a lifestyle, an experience and a solution to your everyday step.

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Lamour Des Pieds Women's Raynelle In Black Kid Suede/Rhinestones

  • $299.95

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