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    Mephisto Leather Cleaning Shampoo
    Mephisto Leather Cleaning Shampoo
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  • Mephisto Leather Conditioner
Used regularly, this genuine Mephisto product will keep your leather footwear soft, supple and resistant to water. Clean with Mephisto Leather Cleaner and let dry one hour before application. Apply conditioner with a soft, clean cloth. Rub well into seams and stitching. Do not use on suede or napped leather. Contains no silicone. 4 oz.


The secret to tireless walking.

The unparalleled comfort, perfect fit, unsurpassed comfort features and unique Soft-Air technology of these shoes, which are valued and loved around the world for their unique features, guarantee a super-soft and tireless walking experience - even after many hours you will feel fit and full of energy in MEPHISTO shoes.

The innovative SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY is the secret behind the extraordinary walking comfort when wearing any MEPHISTO shoes: The flexible, permanently elastic and extremely soft SOFT-AIR midsole reduces the shock from walking to an absolute minimum.  This relieves the joints, vertebrae and the spine - it is like walking on a soft carpet of moss, making you feel fit and full of energy even after many hours of wear.

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Mephisto Leather Conditioner

  • Brand: Mephisto
  • Product Code: 28-806
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  • $15.00

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