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  • Giesswein Women's Scottie In Pebble Boiled Wool
Ultra comfort meets durable support. We bring the classic open-back mule shape to a new level, adding the support of an anatomical footbed and the insulating but breathable coziness of boiled wool. The outsoles are dipped in natural later, never synthetically glued, for a long lasting, non-skid base that is environmentally friendly. Edge-free interior seams treat your feet to luxurious comfort from all angles


Wool is Cool.

Forget everything you think you know about wool, because once you step into a pair of Giessweins, you’ll realize that all wool is not created equal.

Giesswein’s boiled wool is soft, lightweight, and breathable, helping to naturally regulate your body temperature in cold weather and warm weather. Wool fibers themselves are hollow—allowing sheep to “wear” their wool in all seasons—and therefore dry very quickly. In fact, wool can absorb up to 35% of its dry weight before it begins to feel wet against your skin, so even after a full day of active wear, your feet will still feel energized and dry.   Giesswein wool is not your average boiled wool, and should never be mistaken for felt. It is lighter, softer, and more flexible than felt, and because of the intricate fulling process, it is completely machine-washable. Our boiled wool is a renewable, sustainable, odor-resistant, itch-free material that helps to keep your feet cool in the heat and snug in the cold.

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Giesswein Women's Scottie In Pebble Boiled Wool

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