Introducing Di Chenzo at Just Our Shoes

Introducing Di Chenzo at Just Our Shoes

From Anyi Lu designer Rachel Arnow, meet your new cult favorite brand:  Di Chenzo.

Di Chenzo combines modern, chic design and impeccable Italian craftsmanship with comfort technology, to bring you shoes that are both fashionable and incredibly comfortable.

Designer Rachel Arnow was born and raised near San Francisco, California, to an artist mother and a professor father. As a child she studied ballet, drawing and painting, spent countless hours drawing shoes and clothing, and always dreamed of being a designer.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied international business and dance, she went to work in San Francisco for several years. There she was constantly running between the office, client meetings and dinners with friends, walking the city’s steep streets, and realized she was unable to find shoes that were both fashionable and comfortable for her busy lifestyle. She decided it was time to step off the traditional path, follow her heart and begin a life she was truly passionate about: creating modern, fashion-forward shoes that were also incredibly comfortable. 

She left for Italy and attended the prestigious Ars Sutoria School in Milan, where she learned classical shoe design and construction from Italy’s top artisans. Rachel then honed her skills as a designer for Anyi Lu, a San Francisco-based luxury shoe brand with factories in Italy and a unique mission: to combine fashion with comfort. She spent 6 years traveling between California and Italy to design the collections and fit test the shoes, and one day on a connecting flight to Florence, she met the love of her life. They were soon married, and she now lives with her husband in Tuscany. 

Over the years, Rachel developed close personal relationships with the Italian family-owned specialty factories, heel makers, tanneries and the inter-connected network of artisans that make up the Italian shoe industry, and when the time came to develop her own collection, they were more than happy to make her shoes. Living in Italy makes it possible for her to collaborate with these artisans on every aspect of design, fit testing, material selection and development of the shoes.  Along with a team of fit testers, she personally fit tests every style and makes sure they meet the brand's unparalleled comfort standards.

Posted by Matthew Green