Introducing Kizik for Men - Handfree Innovative Footwear

Introducing Kizik for Men - Handfree Innovative Footwear


Inside every KIZIK shoe is a story of style, technology, and innovation. We believe your shoes should look great, feel great, and integrate. Putting on a shoe should be effortless. That’s why each KIZIK shoe features F.A.S.T.® Technology. No motors or batteries. F.A.S.T.® Technology is a titanium wire that discretely lives in the heel of every KIZIK shoe and allows you to put your shoe on without ever needing to handle it. F.A.S.T.® is a proprietary production process and features components we spent years perfecting.

When you place your foot in the opening, the titanium wire bends to allow the foot to enter. Our contoured footbed helps your foot slide in with reduced friction, then the wire snaps back to its original place. Our wire maintains the perfect amount of pressure against your heel so it feels like a traditional shoe, not a slip-on. It’s not too tight, it’s not too loose. We call it the future of footwear.

Look feet, no hands. This is the HANDSFREE revolution — a shoe that requires no laces, buttons, chargers, or zippers. Shoes should be an extension of your style and personality. Shoes should integrate seamlessly into your life. KIZIK shoes with F.A.S.T.® Technology do exactly that. Just step in, and it’s on.

Posted by Matthew Green