Let's Go Incognito with Right Bank Shoe Company

Let's Go Incognito with Right Bank Shoe Company

Incognito:  inkäɡˈnēdō/: (of a person) having one’s true identity concealed.

Right Bank Shoe Company is as mysterious as their shoes are luxurious! 

Sworn to secrecy about the identity of their founder...an American icon in footwear design...Right Bank Shoe Company styles are expertly crafted in Spain and Italy.

Craftsmanship | Artisan-crafted by Spanish and Italian shoemakers with materials from the finest tanneries and purveyors for opulent comfort.

Brand| A brand heritage based on classic American luxury updated by our founder’s world travels & irreverent lifestyle. It’s retro-fabulous.

The Collection| Bold, curated styles of intuitive expression for men and women. Our ready-to-wear first release includes sport, western and stretch from jeans to tuxedo dressing.

Posted by Matthew Green